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About Us

We're in a new world, a new era. A world where data is the new oil & Africa it's basin. We're deicated to provide innovative solutions in both the adult entertainment industry and the global scope by providing solutions inspired by global data. Through the adult entertainment business, we get to inspire & dare fellow Africans to digitize their business in every way possible. As such, Clamaras offers technological solutions to Escorts, also known as prostitues and hookers. These are some of the advantages of Clamaras Escort platforms;

  • Risk Free hustle for African Escorts: No more spending time in cold & dangerous streets waiting for clients with unknown intention. An escort can stay at home, wait for a call & discuss with the client on the rules of engagements and pricing.
  • Education for the marginalized: We teach our escorts good hygiene, it's benefits and business strategies that empower them to leave the adult business when ready for other businesses. We teach them the basic principles of Public Relations, publicity & business management to help them interact with the world while socializing with elite business minded individuals and also help them start their own businesses.
  • Business Opportunities: Through Clamaras partnership programs, we help escorts from across our countries of operation start their businesses online & reach out to clients and succeed. Clamaras offers each escort to become something more than an escort by giving prospects, advise and technical help on their business ideas.

Clamaras is a revolutionary tech solution that will help adult entertainers to start their own projects, inspire other africans and support each others dream. Prostitutes are often looked down upon by many in the society and taken advantage of. Behind every escort on the street, or a classy adult website, there are responsibilities and struggles behind them. Don't judge the choice of anyone to become an escort. Neither should you play pranks on them. Most of them are trying to get through the day and become a solution to their family. At Clamaras, we do not take this lightly, we value our sisters and see them as an inspiration to others and help them change their lives swiftly as they offer you pleasurable moments.

We stand & condemn against gender based violence and discrimination. We believe that everyone has a right to work and peacful moments. The company encourages each & every person to embrace technology as a solution and not a problem. Let's build a community that we're all proud to live in.

To protect businesses empowered by Clamaras Inc, we keep the identities of the escorts and their businesses private and confidential, unless related to the adult entertainment industry. Some of the businesses that we've helped start are in the apparel & fashion industry, make up & beauty products, advertising & marketing, online e-commerce stores & other digital service provisions.

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Why Work With Clamaras Inc

You might find yourself in a dilema or undecided situtation on whethere to work with us or not. Here are some reasons to work with us in any of your product in either adult entertainment or any other business idea.

  • 01 Do you need experienced individuals?

    We are well experienced in the development of complex systems, marketing & data analysis. Our experience will help you digitize your products and be in a position to compete in any global market across the world.

  • All of us at Clamaras engage in other day to day jobs. We value our privacy and as such, we value your privacy. Clamaras will never keep any digital record of you unless agreed upon. We can also create solutions that mind your clients privacy depending to your niche.

  • We shall advise and provide you with analytical tools to help you keep track of your business progress and help you progress much futher. We observe high security in data collection, analysis and reporting.

  • Everything associated with Clamaras Inc is secure to the core. You can count on us to keep your systems air tight secure.

  • No matter the business idea, we'll make it risk free and affordable for you to start your business with nothing to lose. Your idea, cannot die at Clamaras Inc, we take an extra effort to see your dreams come true.


Clamaras Inc Data Report

The chart shown below shares with you the number of people who believe in Clamaras Inc. Kindly note that the company has been in business in less than a year in 2020. We have however been in other online businesses for much more than 5 years.

Kenyan Businesses Empowered by Clamaras Inc 10
Ugandan Businesses Empowered by Clamaras Inc 7
Pearl Escorts Uganda Monthly Users 10K
Clamaras Escorts Kenya Monthly Users 25K


Still not sure what services we offer? We act as consultants for online businesses and solutions. Apart from consulting, we also employ our web design, development & marketing skills to help you strategize and make money online. Kindly note that we are not a get rich quick company, we design lasting solutions.

Adult Entertainment

Want to start your own adult entertainment business? Optimized for data analysis, SEO and your source of revenue? Talk to us.


Want to rank high in google search results? any industry. We've got you. We are a well experienced team that could scale your business higher on search engines.

System Design

Want to turn your business idea into a soft copy version that works? We are the solution to your problems

Data Analysis

Not sure how to use your data? Want a more better way of collecting an anaylzing data? we've got you. We can help you identify the areas where you need improvements.

Send Us an Email

To talk to us about any business idea, or complain. Contact Ryan Kimani, the Founder and CEO of Clamaras Inc using the button provided here. We're business minded and free people. Talk to us for clarification.

Adult Entertainment

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Escort & Advertiser Pricing

To get a quote for other services offered by Clamaras Inc., send an email to [email protected] This charges applies to everyone in every country. Kindly note that we do not register people under the age of 18 & male escorts. Do not share any of our adult links with an underage. Be a responsible adult.

Premium Plan

$30per month

  • Get Listed on your local directory
  • Get Listed on your national directory
  • Get listed on the African escort directory
  • Access to the Blacklist
  • Customer Support
  • Recommended Profile
  • Push Notification Marketing
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$40per escort/per month

  • Register More Than 1 VIP Escort
  • All Escorts Are VIP
  • Free Website on a Subdomain
  • Redirect your Agency clients to your website
  • Everything in VIP Escort listing
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions asked regarding our company. Find a quick answer relating to Clamaras Inc, or any of its brands today.

  • What is Clamaras Inc?

    Clamaras Inc., is an adult entertainment company, founded in Kenya in 2020 and present across East Africa. It offers adult entertainment services to clients seeking massage and other erotic services within and across the African continent.

  • To become an escort on Clamaras, on any of our brands. Visit our official website of your location. i.e. for Kenyans & for Ugandan Escorts. You are also required to be over the age of 18 & of feminine gender. Clamaras escort website and it's entire network currently does not support male escorts. You can send an email to [email protected] to get registered as an escort. Or send a message via WhatsApp by Clicking Here for Kenyan Escorts or Here for Ugandan Escorts.

  • There are many services to be offered by Our classy escorts. These include, but are not limited to; Girlfriend Experience, Fetish, Oral Sex, Oral Without Condom, Massage, Erotic Massage and many other erotic services. These services are indicated on each escort profile to guide clients when choosing an escort.

  • If payments were involved, contact the admin at [email protected] or send a WhatsApp complain to +254111630930. Kindly note that we take these cases seriously and may request evidence from both parties. The admin will decide and offer a solution to both parties.

  • Our job openings are announced on our social channels and jobs are offered. These jobs vary and may require you to work remotely. They include system development & maintainance, marketing, SEO optimization & Sales among others. To find out if we have an opening, contact the admin from any of our social handles.