Clamaras Inc, here after reffered to as "The Company", "us" & "We" is a multinational escort directory, dedicated to provide users with adult entertainment content across the African continent. This privacy policy applies to all products & services provided by the company and any of the brands owned by the company. This includes "Pearl Escorts Uganda" & it's subsidiaries. Unless stated otherwise, this privacy policy shall be used to govern how we handle user data. Kindly not that Clamaras Inc., and its brands are not escort agencies, as such, we're not liable to the people or links placed on our websites. Kindly note that this privacy policy, is prone to change depending on the decesions made by the company. We have the right to change & review this privacy policy & enforce it if need be.

We use cookies in all of our websites in order to improve the quality of the services we provide to you. Cookies help increase the speed of accessing our websites, when you visit more than once & it also helps us know your prefferences so that we can serve you better. By using cookies, we're able to filter out duplicate data by preventing our system from counting you as "two" or more users instead of "one" when you visit our websites more than once.

What Data Do We Collect

While using our services, we might collect a small chunk of data in order to serve you better. You should however note that most of these data cannot be used to identify you in-person. We may collect your data when you fill in sign-up forms, surveys & review a product, an escort or a service. We do not & will never request a client to sign up on any of our escort website. This is to protect the identity of our clients by not collecting it at all. As such, we shall never ask you to provide us with an email address, username or password as a means to gain access to our systems or for any marketing purposes unless stated otherwise on this privacy policy or another. As such, our escort websites are safe & your identity cannot be exposed through our websites.

When you make a review on an escort or service, we may ask you to fill in your name, email & sometimes website. The name you choose will be made public, together with your review, but your email & website will only be visible to the administrator for clarification and contact purposes. We assure you that we'll never spam your inbox with marketing emails, promotions & newsletters. If you receive any marketing email claiming to be from "Clamaras Inc", "Pearl Escorts" or any of our brands, contact the admin with a screenshot of the same to follow up on the case, we simply just don't send emails unless we're interested to work with you or partner with your company/website.

To protect our clients from spam reviews, when making a review, we take note of your IP Address and hold your review until after the administrator has moderated your comment and verified that it's honest and adds value to the community. If you submit a humble review, whether good or bad, it shall be approved. If we feel that your review is dishonest or promoting other websites, companies or products, your comment is marked as spam and permanently deleted from our system after 3 days. A repetitive IP Address that is found to be spammy, will be blocked from accessing our website completely & users will see a message informing them that they're blocked from accessing the website. The company is not obliged to provide any reasons for IP Blocking.

When seeking customer support, we may collect your email or mobile phone as these are important to uniquely handle your case. Your contact might be saved alongside other clients or escort contacts & far from our website. This means that in case of a hack, your data will never be discovered or obtained by attackers. You have the right to request the company to delete your contact details after a conversation. We may also ask you if you would like to receive updates on new escorts if you contact us using WhatsApp. If agreed upon, we may ocassionally give you updates on our new escorts.

We also use third-party software to provide you with quality services. This includes Google & OneSignal. We use Google analytical tools to measure the number of people that visit our website, what pages were visited and for how long. This data is only visible to the administrators and cannot be used to identify you in-person. When visiting our site for the first time, we may ask you if you'd like to receive updates and notifications from our website. By allowing, you give us permission to notify you of new escorts and important updates when needed. Kindly note that you can always opt out of the notifications whenever you need to. By using Google & OneSignal, we may collect your geographic data, mobile brand, operating system & network.

How Do We Use Your Data

Clamaras Inc., emphasizes that no data collected by our systems can be used to uniquely identify you. The data we collect is of general audience and used to prepare charts, and analytical data to help us make big decisions. This is how we use your data.

  • Email: Contact you regarding a complain or a comment.
  • Website: Identify your brand representation and possible partnerships.
  • Name: Uniquely identify your opinion on reviews.
  • IP Address: Prevent Spammy reviews and prevent access to people with ill intent.
  • Location: Update you on new escorts and services that may interest you.
  • Cookies: Prevent double counting your device. Gives us accurate measurements.
  • Phone Number: Follow up on issues experienced on our platforms & share new escorts if agreed upon.

None of our websites will collect these data without your consent. If you're not comfortable with these, avoid subscribing to notifications and other data collection methods explained above. Other details may be collected depending on the data collection method. e.g. Market surveys that you may choose to fill.

Who Do We Share Your Data With

We are the protectors of your data. You trusted it with us, whoever needs it, should ask you to provide them with it. We shall never provide the data we collect to any of our partners and advertisers apart from the data that is publicly available on public domains. Clamaras Inc is committed to offer you a trustworthy platform where you can express your feelings and get professional pleasurable moments. You can trust us with your data, because, we don't even know who is using our services. After all, we don't support user registration or socialization & chatting on our escort websites.

How Do We Protect Your Data

  • HTST Encryption: Our website is fully encrypted to use enforced HTTPS protocol. If something breaks and even an image is served to you without encryption, our website will fail to display on your device until the security is restored. This is an enforcement to the usual HTTPS security. You cannot proceed to our site if it's unsafe.
  • No User Registration Policy: Your identity is you. We are not interested to log you into our system. We don't need to know if Brian is from Nairobi or Kampala. An attacker has nothing to gain from breaching our system. Your identity is safe with us.
  • 2 FA Authentication All our systems, even if logged in successfully, require an extra verification of identity by the administrators. That's how much we value your data, not even an admin can access your data without an extra layer to verify their identity.

Apart from these security measures, we've taken other security measures and tools to protect our systems from data breach. We create our systems with security in mind.